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31 January, 2021

PPBAA fully endorsed the critically acclaimed play “No Exit” by Dr. Taimur Kayani

PPBAA, the leading Pakistani Australian Professionals Organisation endorsed the play wrote by Dr. Taimur Kayani, titled ” No Exit”. Also a funding  has also been approved by the management to assist Dr. Kayani organise and hold theatrical play in Australia. The funding will cover all expenses to make it possible to present that to the Australian Audience. The organisation requested Dr. Kayani to hold a zoom meeting in the near future to discuss all steps to ensure smooth execution of the endeavour.

About the Author:

Dr. Taimur Kayani is the director of International Language
Centre at GIFT University, Pakistan. He has done PhD in
English Literature with specialization in Drama and Theatre
from Universiti Putra Malaysia. As an Assistant Professor in
Department of English, he also teaches and celebrates both
modern and classical drama and takes keen interest in South
Asian English Literature. His PhD dissertation is on Ajoka
Theatre’s adaptations of Brecht’s selected work in Pakistan. On
weekends, you can easily find him on the premises of Ajoka
Theatre learning, creating and watching plays. He advocates the
use of drama and theatre in the Language teaching. He takes
ardent interest in Film and TV production. He has directed
several documentaries and short films for film festivals around
the world. He has also received the Best International Student
Award from Mercer College, USA for undergraduate program.

Australian seniors welcomed Dr. Taimur Kayani’s book to Australia.


His next writing project is a book, titled, Modern Urdu Theatre:
Adaptations, Transformations and Directions. He has
participated in many international and national conferences
highlighting the issues regarding migration, dictatorship and
adaptation of western literature in Pakistan. For further
information on his creative and research work visit the website: