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8 November, 2022

Time to take full benefit from Government Grants and Incentives .. Alan Baghdasarayan

“Pakistan is, as always a lucrative country to invest and yield high returns and we are here to fully facilitate you” stated Trade Commissioner and Pakistan Consul General in Sydney during a session on Govt Grants and Incentives by PPBEA and attended by leading Business Entrepreneurs and Professionals from varied fields. Furthermore, gave many options and suggestions to invest in Pakistan. He sounded very optimistic that the quantum of returns on investment in different sectors Pakistan offers is difficult to match anywhere else.

Adding further during his speech after receiving the ‘Appreciation Award’ from the Association he was of the opinion that whatever he did was part of his job description and he strived and ensured that it was done with full honesty and sincere dedication and he should not be awarded due to that. Dr. Khurram Kayani – President of PPBEA expressed his gratitude and added that the way Trade Commission and Consulate Office has served the community during and post Covid-19, receiving over 4.8 google feedback is difficult to match by others. Running Open Katchries, resolving old problems of the community without distinction and differentiation has changed the perception of the Sydney Consulate to a very friendly one.

Alan Baghdasarayan who has amazing knowledge and command over the subject made a very thought-provoking presentation and answered all questions in detail.

Later, Sydney Forex won the Business Entrepreneur and Business of the year 2022 Award. Munir Mohammad – CEO of the company received the award. The company at the time when Pakistan needs dollars/foreign exchange more than anything else remitted over 260 million in the last one year and with a very high customer satisfaction rate deserved to win the precious award, selected from the three finalist companies.

Finally, guests were gifted with Shawls by Association Ladies. The night ended on an Asian Cusine.