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22 October, 2021

PPBAA President thanked Pakistani Community for doing the RIGHT THING during COVID 19!

Australia is a true Multicultural society with each community is like a blooming flower. For the last one year all communities are passing through tough times due to Covid 19. Government is fully supporting people in hardship by offering different grants and assistance programs. At the same time required everyone staying back at home and only go out for essential duties or tasks. President PPBAA Dr. Khurram Kayani expressed his deepest gratitude and felt proud of everyone for being acting responsibly and following all government instructions. Speaking during a Zoom meeting he asked everyone to “Do the Right Thing” and that is follow all rules and regulations. Also extended full support to anyone in need of any dire support. Pakistani community has emerged as a very responsible and law abiding during last one year.

As agreed during last Zoom meeting of the Association that members will follow the following points:
1. Ask Advisors of their fields if there is any question or ambiguity.
2. Everyday make ‘Are you OK’ calls to three friends or community members in random.
3. Ensure wearing masks all the time when outside home.
4. Strictly follow government rules and regulations to stay safe.
5. Get vaccinated as soon as possible.
6. Discourage all misinformation and disinformation on social media and will not share unless there is a benefit attached for the community.
7. Call President PPBAA if there is any dire need (financial, Social, Medical, etc.).
8. Ensure login to the Service Now portal while visiting any place by Login and Logout formally.
9. Encourage everyone to Do the Right thing all the time.
10. Check News about grants, govt benefits and ask advisors if there is any clarification desired.

May God be kind to us all, Ameen.