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5 September, 2018

PPBAA to stand by Ex High Commissioner Excellency Naela Chohan

Press Release:

Re: Special Resolution 23 (Dated: 04.09.2018) Syndicate Meeting.
Item on the Agenda of the Meeting: 1
Crux: Ex High Commissioner Excellency Naela Chohan’s filling of suit against Shahid Mahmood in Pakistan.
Presented by: Asif Ali – Advisor – IT
Seconded by: Kh. Noman Ayaz – Advisor – HR
Approved by President: Dr. Khurram Kayani

During the tenure of Excellency Naela Chohan, when she was the High Commissioner of Pakistan in Canberra, her domestic servant disappeared and later claimed to be mistreated and slaved by the above named using Australian TV and media.

The Syndicate discussed the matter in detail and decided to stick to the stance of its President and nominated chair Dr. Khurram Kayani who from day one sentenced his opinion and support with the then High Commissioner and believes that Mr. Shahid Mahmood has concocted a story to get Asylum before he would be sent back to Pakistan. The same has been adopted by many other servants as an easy way in the past but no one went to media to gain further benefits as Mr. Mahmood did.

Syndicate believes that by doing so he has miserably tried to malign not only the respectable High Commissioner but also a failed attempt to bring Pakistan/Pakistani Community in Australia to shame.

Thus, as per the above resolution, “PPBSA fully extends its support to the Ex High Commissioner of Pakistan in Canberra and ensures to stand with her on all forums and legal options”.

Resolution is accepted and recorded in the books of PPBSA.

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