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1 January, 2022

Fayyaz Sumbal Foundation’ at Bowral on 8th Jan, 2022 Trails

An excellent writeup by Sharjeel Siddiqui

I hope everyone is well and enjoyed the practice cricket session.

Winning is never the ultimate goal, it is the passion and motivation to teach the next generation and to pass down lessons and values.

I have been involved with my family, sport, and outdoor-related adventures keen to achieve and learn. Throughout my career, it has always been a privilege to engage with diverse and different-minded people to collaborate to work towards one goal.

We want to make sure the new generation continues to learn, love, and respect the game as much as we do.

Cricket is an enjoyable game and that’s how we will play it, Winning is important, but winning is NOT the only objective.

*Being a good team player*

Thank you to everyone participating in today’s practice match.

Thanks to Jaffar for the special Biryani supplied and sponsored by SpiceUpNow Food Truck, water bottles and live scoring.

Thanks to Zeeshan for coverage

Thanks for Shabhi for the live stream and scoring