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17 October, 2017

Consul General Abdul Majid Yousafani hosted network dinner

PPBSA News: Consulate General Pakistan – Abdul Majid Yousfani organised a Networking dinner to facilitate both Pakistani Fine Food Expo exhibitors and local leading Pakistani organisations and businesses.

It was so heartening to see such a true representation of Pakistani and foreign businesses at the dinner. All participants introduced themselves and their businesses. Many congratulated the CG for holding such an impressive event never seen before.

Mr. Yousafani thanked Abbas Rana ( President Pakistan Association Australia), , Muhammad Asif (President -Pakistan Australia Chamber of Commerce), Mr. Zafar Hussain ( Sadaewatan), Kamil Khan of Spice of Life Restaurant for providing great support to the consulate in making these events successful. He also appreciated efforts of other participants and also acknowledge great support from his staff member Asad Jatoi who ensured that nothing is left undone and everything was meticulously organised.

The event provided a great opportunity to both visiting delegates and local organisations and businesses to share information and venues of further collaboration